Smoothing out the sales process

Smoothing out the sales process

What our clients want is to smooth out the sales process, and we take this need very seriously. That’s why in April 2020, ContactBuilder brought you our much-lauded customer portal module. It’s proven popular with our clients and their purchasers. And since April, four further additional modules have been released to increase ContactBuilder’s functions and to complement and support the customer portal module. These are just four more ways that we are perpetually improving for our clients. 


Applications module
Our applications module allows your purchasers and potential purchasers to fill out online application forms – an ideal module for housing associations in particular. Along with the customer portal module, your potential and current purchasers can follow their application progress through the online portal ‘my new home’. It also allows potential purchasers to download the application forms as a PDF to share with other parties. Once the forms are submitted through the module you can apply progression steps that allow you to approve or reject the application. 


Charges and payments module
With this module your team can take payments within ContactBuilder using an online payment portal such as Sage Pay or Worldpay* or manual payments can be taken if required. Your purchasers can also make payments through the customer portal module using the ‘my new home’ interface. The purchaser will receive a receipt of payment via email. The charges and payments module can automatically send out overdue payment alerts as required too. 


Customer journeys module
The sales process is a journey for purchasers; they don’t all follow exactly the same route to purchase but they do all need to complete the same steps. With our customer journeys module, you can create a set of steps that need to be taken with automated processes that occur to encourage the sale towards completion. For example, you can set up an ‘exchange’ step whereby an automated email (that you have created) is sent to the purchaser to advise them and a record of the email is logged in ContactBuilder as an interaction. 


Support tickets module
Aftercare is as important as customer service throughout the sales process, and with our support tickets module, both your purchaser and your team can create tickets advising of any issues regarding a plot or the development. If it’s a snagging issue, images can be uploaded to show the snag rather than wordy explanations which can be misunderstood. Once a ticket is created, your team can give it a priority rating and then assign the ticket to a relevant contractor internally or externally. 


With ContactBuilder you can future proof your business. Let our five modules make the sales process smoother and more efficient for your team and your purchasers. 


Find out more about our customer portal module here.


*Requires a separate subscription with the payment portal




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