Frequently asked questions

We do not have computers on site; does that matter?

ContactBuilder will function satisfactorily as a head-office-based resource (depending on the structure of your sales force). However, in order to gain an even greater benefit from your investment in ContactBuilder you should consider equipping site-sales staff with PCs. This can be achieved at minimal cost by using a data card plus a free or subsidised laptop deal, which may be available from mobile phone providers from time to time.

Do our staff have to be able to use computers to be able to use ContactBuilder?

Your staff should have a very basic level of computer skills i.e. they can turn the computer on and feel comfortable browsing the Internet. We can provide full training and support on the use of ContactBuilder.

However, if your staff do not have any computer skills, they can complete an ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) course, one of the most widely recognised computing qualifications, for approximately £200 per person This will ensure that they are sufficiently computer literate to be able to use ContactBuilder to its full potential.

When I’m out of the office, I usually access the web from my smartphone or tablet; can I still use ContactBuilder?

Yes. ContactBuilder is fully responsive and designed to work seamlessly with smartphones and tablets.

I use agents to sell my developments, we do not employee our own sales advisors. Can agents securely use ContactBuilder?

Yes. We can create secure user names and passwords for your agents and set up restricted access so they only have access to the data that they need. We can also provide training and support for your agents if required.

The demo version of ContactBuilder stops at the point of reservation. Can it go further i.e. through legals and customer service?

Yes. One of the benefits of ContactBuilder is that it can be tailored to your specific needs. We can build add-ons to the basic system to suit any requirements you may have.

Do I have to install any software on PCs or server?

No. ContactBuilder is entirely web based so it can be securely accessed via a password-protected login from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world.

Is there a limit to the number of people in my organisation who can use ContactBuilder?

No. It is priced according to the number of entries in your database, not the number of users.

I already have a CRM system or customer database, can I import my existing contacts in to ContactBuilder?

Yes. We can provide details on the format in which we need to receive your contact information and then we can upload it to ContactBuilder.

I do not currently have a registration process on my website but I would like to capture web leads on ContactBuilder. Is this possible?

Yes. You have 2 options; we can provide you with a specification to build a registration process on your website to feed the details into ContactBuilder. Alternatively, we could carry out this work for you subject to you agreeing to us managing your website.

How much does ContactBuilder cost?

Prices start from £300 per month.

Do I get training on how to use ContactBuilder?

Yes. We provide initial induction training sessions as part of your system setup and refresher courses are offered at a small cost to your business. Depending on your subscription, the initial training will consist of one or two full sessions followed by a refresher session approximately 12 weeks after go-live.

Does ContactBuilder allow me to follow the new NHQC?

Yes, ContactBuilder is an accredited supply partner of the NHQB. This means that ContactBuilder is officially recognised as a tool to help developers, who are registered with the New Homes Quality Board, comply with the code of practice.

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