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From pre-build to completion and beyond, ContactBuilder understands the housebuilding process.

Established in 2008 and designed specifically for the UK housebuilding and property sector, ContactBuilder is the leading and longest-established software package that offers seamlessly integrated control over the build, marketing, sales and aftercare processes.

ContactBuilder is a cloud-based application and does not involve any investment beyond a PC, tablet or smartphone that can access the internet. It requires little or no capital expenditure and should form an essential part of any housebuilder's automation strategy.

ContactBuilder is much more than just a lead-management or customer relationship management (CRM) application. It is a full-blown project management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, allowing housebuilders to manage plots, leads, and document the journey from pre-build through marketing, sales progression, completion and on to aftersales. It offers a range of dashboards and a comprehensive suite of downloadable reports, so that you have total visibility of all aspects of your operations. And thanks to a multitude of integrations with other industry-leading applications and portals, ContactBuilder can quickly and easily become an integral part of your management processes.

Join over 50 of the UK’s leading housebuilders and housing associations, from top-10 PLCs to niche developers, who have discovered that ContactBuilder delivers the data their businesses need to make them fly.

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We’ve been trialling the new modules on ContactBuilder for a few months now and they are certainly helping with the management of our reservations. 

Now we can take reservation payments directly and segment draft and confirmed reservations more easily. 

What’s more, the new customer portal has made the sales process more interactive for our customers, allowing them to change personal details and see exactly where their sale is up to. 

All of these updates are providing us with a much more streamlined process. We look forward to any other new modules which may be coming in the future.

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ContactBuilder has helped monitor our leads, is compliant with GDPR, all information is together. This system makes our jobs a lot easier, the training and support from ContactBuilder has been excellent.

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We’d been looking at introducing a customer relationship management system for around nine months but our plans were accelerated due to the Coronavirus. ContactBuilder helped us to fast-track the implementation of a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system enabling the introduction of online reservations.

The introduction of the CRM system means we can keep all communication we have with customers on file in one place.

The real advantage of the system is that it offers the ability for customers to reserve a new home online. It means that whereas traditionally buyers would have to come to the development to sign the paperwork and pay their reservation fee, now they don’t have to. Once we have qualified a customer we can send them a link to the online application to complete so that they can reserve a new home.

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