Refresher Training - how to make the most of ContactBuilder

Refresher Training - how to make the most of ContactBuilder

With the UK housing market currently booming, we know a lot of our clients have taken on new staff and seen rapid growth. We pride ourselves on providing an intuitive system that is simple and easy to use, although the nature of our system still requires training for your team to get the most out of ContactBuilder and use it to its full potential. 

ContactBuilder is constantly improving and we continually listen to our clients’ feedback so a refresher training course might be useful for your team to ensure that you’re utilising all elements of the system to their full potential. Recently we have released a number of updates to the system, including an options and extras module, full integration with Outlook email, automated reservations with secure online payments… and more! 

Our training sessions can be delivered virtually or in person depending on your preference. Each session is tailored to your business needs; if your team needs a short refresher in a certain area or if you need more in-depth training for new starters, we have everything covered. 

You may be wondering what is different between in-person and virtual training sessions? Our face-to-face training is a workshop style where your team of up to 10 can actively work in the system alongside our trainer. Our virtual training is presented in a lecture format for any size group, with interactive elements including polls to quiz your participants, Q&A sessions throughout, and a section of homework for your team members to complete in between the split sessions. (The homework is the same activities they would complete in a face-to-face training session). Our trainer is available for remote support for any of your team members to have any questions answered or provide further assistance. 

If you choose to have your training session presented virtually, you will have the added bonus of receiving a copy of the session, as it is recorded from start to finish. This provides your team with the ability to refer back for a quick refresher if required. 

Like the ContactBuilder system itself, all our training is designed with you in mind: to be flexible, easy to use, to free up your time, and to deliver results. To see more about our training, or to arrange a session, please see our training page for information. 

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