Keeping CRM simple from day one

Keeping CRM simple from day one

As companies grow, it can be all too easy for managers to lose touch with their sales teams as well as taking a helicopter view of clients and overall business operations. They don’t understand the day-to-day frustrations of their teams using tech in their intense selling environment. 

In order to drive faster growth for any business – particularly in the house-building sector - the technology that’s used by any sales team should require minimum effort but produce maximum results, so says Dorne Wood, sales manager for ContactBuilder.

“I’ve seen many growth-hungry sales teams struggle to keep up with complicated customer relationship management (CRM) systems that have too many fields to complete, which is a failure to keep things simple. This leads to abandoned boxes and fields left blank, resulting in one thing and one thing only: bad data.”

Of course, more customer information means more client knowledge and the ability to personalise your selling, but it also means so much more data to track and analyse. 

As much as managers strive for growth and long for higher revenue, what they often underestimate is the sheer amount of admin work that goes into business expansion. Dorne adds: “If there aren’t the tools or resources to minimise administrative distraction, scaling growth becomes an almost impossible task.

“As sales teams grow, so do the number of leads that need to be managed and guided by your team from prospects to customers. 

“To help managers handle this mounting pile of information, our very own CRM platform – ContactBuilder – will enable teams to quickly input the data that’s needed and free up their time to concentrate on selling.”

Simply put, ContactBuilder covers all processes and tasks related to interactions and managing relationships with customers. 

As businesses grow and multiple people begin to work on finding and upselling customers, keeping client communications structured and easy to monitor becomes more and more complicated. 

And that’s where CRM technology comes to the rescue. 

ContactBuilder is a sales-oriented platform that automates many manual aspects of team processes, and allows both sales teams and managers to benefit from easy-to-access tracking and data reporting - keeping things simple and effective. 

Dorne concludes: “Our platform is designed specifically to help sales teams in the house-building market manage their growth effectively, as well as enabling them to keep up to speed with the customer journey. For many of our clients, it’s their lifeline and allows them to demonstrate in-depth customer knowledge and understanding at every stage in the home purchasing journey.” 


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