Don’t throttle your sales team

Don’t throttle your sales team

You’ve got an amazing sales team, one who knows their stuff, loves what they do and believes in your brand. You also have a great customer relationship management (CRM) system and it’s going to be a time and money saver for you. Now you have to put the two together in the best possible way.

Give the right access for their role
The sales team can be hampered by the sheer volume of data they have access to. With a CRM system you should be able to set access and reports by user level, giving your employees’ access to the data they need, based on their role. For example, with ContactBuilder you are able to give your sales executives access to reports containing key information on interactions, sales progression and daily figures, without cluttering up their user accounts with extraneous elements. It’s simple and straightforward for your system administrator to control, even on the fly, so it’s a great reason to use a mobile-friendly CRM system too.

Predefined workflows to increase efficiency
Help your sales team save time by providing the tools and predetermining processes, including tasks and pre-set workflows, that ensure your sales executives have as much time as possible to spend on selling. Leads can be automatically added through third-party partner integrations (see ContactBuilder’s partners), or your website, and manually by your team, then simply applying a predefined workflow of tasks to each new lead is the way to ensure the best follow-up from your sales team. If a specific task isn’t already a part of a predefined (and customisable) workflow, new task scheduling is easily and simply done.

Export those reports
A CRM system is fantastic for saving time. If certain members of your team insist on spreadsheets, you will need a system that allows reports to be exported as CSV files, making the import of data into existing spreadsheets quick and easy. We’ve included this function in ContactBuilder, enhancing your team’s productivity in Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software. You also have the ability to download reports for printing as a PDF.

Maybe it’s time for a refresh?
When your sales team could use a refresh or best practice reminder our trainers are happy to oblige; from one-on-one, in-person training, personal webcast sessions to group sessions. Whether your internal team has grown or you have a new selling agent you’re working with, our fantastic training team will ensure that every one of your employees and agents receives comprehensive training on how to use ContactBuilder to its full potential.

If you’re interested in training sessions for your team contact Dorne Wood through our contact page.


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