We would like to welcome Sky-House.co to ContactBuilder

We would like to welcome Sky-House.co to ContactBuilder

Their mission is to create high-density developments that will enable efficient brownfield development to ensure greenbelt and green field land is protected. Urban communities that can walk to all amenities thereby reducing the necessity for car travel creating communities that are healthier and closer.

To create high-density developments that are inherently efficient and that facilitate the existence and continued survival of small independent businesses and retailers. Communities that know each other and play together in small urban pockets.

To create high-density communities that allow families to live in cities.

At Sky-House Co they are all about making things local again. In a global world, it’s easy to forget about the things nearest you in search of the things that are far away and glamorous.

That’s why they want you to natter with your neighbour, play in our pocket parks or shop, eat, drink, and play around their community hubs.

Want to know more visit Sky-house.co

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