We're getting NHQC ready, are you?

We're getting NHQC ready, are you?

We’re getting ready for the new NHQC introduction - and with ContactBuilder you can rest assured that means you’ll be ready too. Our system is purpose-built to make your life easier. 

To ensure you meet the requirements of accurately describing your homes, ContactBuilder provides customisable plot information, with all of the required fields included as standard, and formatted to pre-populate on the reservation form to prevent duplication and errors. 

ContactBuilder helps you meet the NHQC’s requirements for reservation agreements by including the NHQC-approved reservation form as standard on all versions of the system, with all required fields. ContactBuilder then makes it easy to manage the status of reservations at the click of a button - you can see the stage of the sale process and any cancellations clearly. 

To ensure you adhere to the pre-contract sale code, ContactBuilder offers email functionality to send contracts to third parties, as well as online forms and letters that you can fully customise to meet your requirements. These forms are saved in a digital format so they can be sent via email or printed off as needed. The NHQC also requires you to provide the purchaser with brochures or plans if the home being purchased is incomplete. ContactBuilder allows you to easily upload any of these to the system and send them out as email attachments. 

We know that making sure your homes are ready for your purchasers is of utmost priority and ContactBuilder makes the pre-completion process as easy as possible. Our latest feature update to our plot management functionality provides a checklist that includes the NHQC pre-completion checklist template as standard. This means you can perform the same checks that the qualified inspector will perform, and gives you a record of any work carried out to rectify issues before their arrival. 

Once your homes are at completion stage, the NHQC requires you to provide home demonstrations. ContactBuilder makes this simple by allowing you to create and manage home demonstration appointments within the system. To make sure that your purchaser has all of the relevant and correct documentation, our customer journey feature also enables you to send all documentation as sales milestones are met, so you can be confident that the information has been provided. ContactBuilder allows you to store files against a development, plot or customer so you always have easy access to documentation. You can also upload general PDFs such as complaints procedures to the system. 

We know that providing seamless after-sales care to your purchasers is a priority. That’s why our aftercare module includes the ability to log tickets for customers, or by your purchaser, if they have a customer portal, so you can see any issues in an instant. These tickets can be assigned to your appointed contractor to deal with. Images of any issues can also be uploaded and sent on to the contractor directly through the system. 

Our system allows you to be compliant with the NHQC regulations, and we are continually working on updates to make ContactBuilder work for you and your team. See our full list of features here.

For an overview of ContactBuilder's updates to ensure NHQC compliance, please watch our short video.



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