Sort, archive and update – why spring cleaning rules apply to CRM platforms as well

Sort, archive and update – why spring cleaning rules apply to CRM platforms as well

We may have had a March filled with rain, snow and hail but it is, in fact, spring cleaning season!

Whilst it may not be naturally aligned with CRM (customer relationship management), the benefits of sorting, archiving and updating files are unparalleled, and actually makes you feel good as well. 

It means that for those who regularly spend time cleansing their data, greater organisation and efficiency will set housebuilders and developers up for even more success when it comes to marketing. 

Like a nasty cut, however, if CRM data is left untreated, it can become prone to all manner of other nasties – mostly in the form of out-of-date information, spelling errors, incorrect data and duplicated entries, all of which can have a detrimental part to play in future marketing tactics and negative customer perceptions.

Whether or not you’re considering spring cleaning your home this year, definitely spare some time to cleansing your data, comments Dorne Wood, sales manager for ContactBuilder. 

“We recommend that our clients spend up to half a day each week ‘cleaning’ their system and checking over records. That way, they’ll reap the long-term benefits of having up-to-date information from the off, paving the way for improved targeting in the future.

ContactBuilder’s top tips to spring cleaning your CRM:

  1. Banish any paper with scribbled email addresses and names – whilst it can sometimes be easier and quicker to do this, it’s an ineffective way of keeping on top of everything. Ensure all information is moved from paper to an online system, accurately entering email addresses and cross checking all information.
  2. Customer information is one thing but so too are key dates in the year. Ensure that all pertinent information is added to the system such, as birthday and anniversaries. If you remember them, it will go a long way in customers remembering you.
  3. Use a flagging system. If you know you should follow up on something then flag it or tag it using ContactBuilder’s task management functionality. It’s easy to use and more effective than relying on multiple pop-ups from a diary.
  4. Email chains can be lengthy and confusing but ContactBuilder’s interaction system ensures that emails can be sourced quickly and efficiently
  5. Duplicated entries of an individual, but with different information in different fields can be very confusing so cross reference for accuracy.  

Dorne adds: “Any CRM platform is only ever as good as its users and if information is out of date, it can very quickly impact its performance. Cleansing and sorting out errors regularly will save a lot of time later on. 

“So, when it comes to spring cleaning any CRM system, My advice is little and often.”

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