Perpetually improving for our clients

Perpetually improving for our clients

As a housebuilder or housing association you actively seek to continually improve your processes and product so your customers receive the best marketing, homes and customer service. As a CRM platform and lead management system ContactBuilder does the same for its clients.

Continual improvement is an indispensable policy for ContactBuilder and it ensures that clients have a CRM system that suits their needs, even when those needs change or are freshly realised. When a new report, additional process or enhanced functionality is requested by a client, the ContactBuilder team reviews it, and if selected, the additions are included in the next release of the software. 

In the last year we have added an extensive list to the system including new reports, downloadable reports exportable in CSV format, enhanced SMS integration and WordPress website integration.

Keeping track of your data
It’s your data, make the most of it with the reporting suite. ContactBuilder allows you to assign access to specific reports by user level in a simple and straightforward fashion. This allows you to give your sales executives access to the reports they need, like interactions, sales progression and daily figures reports, without cluttering up their user accounts with extraneous elements. The reporting suite is divided into four categories: marketing, sales, plot progression and administration.

New reports:

• GDPR updates 

• Daily figures

• Contacts not mapped to developments

• Site enquiry source

• Duplicate contacts

• Visit & sales report

• Plot status report

• Task report

Make your data more productive
To enhance the productivity of ContactBuilder’s comprehensive reporting suite comes the ability to download reports for printing as a PDF or exporting as a CSV file for further manipulation in Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software allowing you to filter the data to your requirements.

Georgina Shipley from Barwood Homes says: “Lead source is the most important part for me, the ability to search which website is generating the most leads.” This gives Barwood Homes greater insights into the success of their marketing endeavours. 

Reach your customers reliably with SMS
SMS integration is a benefit to your sales and marketing teams, allowing them to reach your clients and potential customers through a channel that they check consistently (most are read within five minutes). Adding to ContactBuilder’s appeal is the enhanced SMS integration, giving you a record of both outgoing and incoming messages through our partner FastSMS. To ensure that you will always be prepared for your SMS marketing campaigns is an applied SMS queue and the ability to see the number of SMS credits available so you’re never caught short.

Integration with WordPress
If your website uses WordPress, a plugin has been created that makes communication between your website and ContactBuilder seamless and easy. The plugin allows you to create enquiry forms for your website or combine with popular WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, and customise it to include any information that you need to collect. Submissions are automatically synchronised with ContactBuilder and you can review individual submissions to verify all the correct data is received.


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