Don’t be fooled – why a CRM platform is far more than just a database

Don’t be fooled – why a CRM platform is far more than just a database

Understanding the capabilities of any bought-in software is fundamental for business success and sales improvement, so when our customers ask what the difference is between a database and our CRM platform, we can’t wait to go to tell them why the two things couldn’t be more different!

A database is just that – a base full of data! You can drill down into it, you can extract items of data…and that’s about it.

A CRM platform, such as ContactBuilder, is more of a workflow for housebuilders than a simple storage tool. It uses the database as its foundation, but enables sales teams to collect, interpret and use data for sending sales-orientated SMS and email messages and to track leads and progress sales. 

A database contains all customer information: their house buying details, budget, location preferences, their interactions…you name it, it’s locked in to the database. 

A CRM platform allows for the collection of data in one simple place, and creates processes around that data to make it accessible and effective.

It is, however, important to remember that the quality of the data that’s entered determines the quality of the intelligence that comes out. If the information that’s input isn’t comprehensive and correct, the information extracted won’t be valuable and could make the difference between winning and losing a sale – an incorrectly spelt name, the wrong budget – it all has an impact on how customers view an organisation.

Dorne Wood, sales manager for ContactBuilder, says that when database information isn’t accurate, it can disrupt the ‘push messages’ from the CRM platform and become counterproductive: “Because the CRM feeds directly from the database, it relies on accuracy to be effective. 

“In my experience of working with housebuilding sales teams, if database information isn’t correct from the outset, the CRM platform won’t pick that up and will operate only with the information it has, making marketing campaigns far more difficult. With complete data, the ability to target customers by their individual requirements can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failing one – and determine the volume of sales leads it generates.

“The synchronisation of sending out email marketing is effortless, an SMS can be sent to a large database within seconds and sales information can be extracted into various reports at the touch of a button. 

“Without a solution in place to store and manage customer intelligence, businesses can fall behind the competition, and that’s why so many choose ContactBuilder: because it’s easy to understand and easy to use.

“With ContactBuilder, our clients are guided through the capabilities of the platform so that teams can very quickly understand what sales techniques can be deployed with carefully matched client data.”

So, whilst a CRM platform and a database aren’t one and the same thing, by working in tandem with proper management they can prove essential to any marketing strategy.

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