ContactBuilder takes the housebuilding lead with new system

ContactBuilder takes the housebuilding lead with new system

According to research*, only two percent of companies are tracking lead generation to sales metrics effectively. So, with this in mind, online lead-management system ContactBuilder is enhancing its system to help all existing clients – and hopefully an even greater number of new ones – stay in touch with their prospects.

Developed through detailed customer research and using existing key clients as development partners, ContactBuilder v2, launching in January 2017, has been developed specifically for the UK housebuilding community to improve the way it tracks sales leads and keeps in contact with potential buyers, and provides built-in tools to deliver time-sensitive ‘phone calls, text messages and email campaigns scheduled on a prospect-by-prospect basis.

Glen Mitton, director of ContactBuilder, comments: “In order to stay at the forefront of customer relationship management for the housebuilding sector, we identified a clear need to review and refine the user experience of the ContactBuilder system. We wanted to achieve a simple, yet effective and engaging experience from beginning to end, to take the headaches out of managing what can often be both a challenging and ever-evolving sales process.

“Our primary focus has been with the interface of system; it has been rebuilt from the ground up based on extensive research amongst our clients, as we want to ensure that real-life, day-to-day challenges are addressed directly within the overall scope of the project. The research undertaken with our clients has been invaluable, and we’re very excited at the prospect of rolling out ContactBuilder v2 in the coming months.

“We’re confident that, from launch in January, we will be able to revolutionise the way housebuilders handle their sales lead processes.”

The all-new ContactBuilder launches in January 2017, for further information or to book a demonstration


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