Automating the Customer Journey

Automating the Customer Journey

With ContactBuilder and our partners, the entire new homes selling process is covered from initial lead through to snagging and aftercare. It’s the whole package. We’ve discussed over and over again how our lead-management system streamlines and simplifies the entire process for you and your team, making each and every sale less time-consuming and more efficient. Now, we have tackled the ultimate time saver, email automation.

Say goodbye to programs like Pipedrive, Zapier, and other external, additional services that may or may not integrate with ContactBuilder. And hello to one of our platinum package modules, customer journeys. With this module you can automate points of contact with your customers -including those initial welcome or thank you emails, and viewing confirmation when an appointment is created.

And how is this done? It’s through three elements that combine to create a customer journey. Your account manager will be happy to share more information with you!

Utilising email automation through our customer journeys module, you can remove repetitive and tedious tasks from your team’s to do list, freeing them up to use this newly available time on higher value work such as answering questions and speaking with potential buyers. With automation you can reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time – all without you (or your team) needing to lift a finger.

When combined with our workflows module, as often done, it is best practice to set up a customer journey triggered by a completed task.

Just ask Julianne, one of our account managers:

‘Thank you for your interest’ emails are a housebuilder’s most prevalent email, and with our customer journeys module you can send personalised content (name, site interested in, etc), attach documents, include links, all without having to do a single thing. It will cover the first step of the customer journey before your team has even turned on the computer.

If set up as such, this can be achieved throughout the whole sales process, for example, every time a reservation step has been completed clicking the ‘complete’ button can automatically send an email to the customer with details of where the reservation is at and next steps.

Find out more about our platinum package modules and how they can streamline the process for both you and your homebuyers by clicking below or contacting your account manager.

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